4-H auction 1940's or 50's.jpg
1868 First Communion certificate for Jane Favret.jpg
Headline  :  1868 First Communion certificate for Jane Favret
1917 Owensville School.jpg
1925 fair with new grandstand.jpg
Headline  :  1925 fair with new grandstand
Headline  :  5th & 6th Grade classes
1940's fair with 4-h and calf.jpg
Headline  :  1940's fair with 4-h and calf
Children at early fair.jpg
Headline  :  Children at early fair
Custodian in front of Primary School 1940's or 50's.jpg
Dog show 2.jpg
Dog show 3.jpg
Dumford Store.jpg
Early 1900 in front of, now, IGA.jpg
Headline  :  Early 1900 in front of, now, IGA
Headline  :  Builders of Monument to Pioneers
Envelope for Snider West Mill.jpg
Fair- Aug 1907 Drinking beer.jpg
Fair board around early 60's.jpg
Fairboard in 40's.jpg
Favret Mueller Store in early 1900's.jpg
Headline  :  Favret Mueller Store in early 1900's
First Communion.jpg
Great picture of horse and buggy.jpg
Buerkle House.jpg
Buerkle House back.jpg
Joe Buerkle in WWI Uniform.jpg
Ladies at the fair 1907.jpg
Headline  :  Ladies at the fair 1907
Late 40s fair.jpg
Headline  :  Late 40s fair
Lodge Hall.jpg
Men at early fair in front of Mechanics Hall.jpg
Headline  :  Men at early fair in front of Mechanics Hall
Men at the fair.jpg
Headline  :  Men at the fair
Noah Stout's house on Jackson Pike.jpg
Off to the Caves.jpg
Off to the Caves_Back.jpg
Old mill 2.jpg
Old mill 3.jpg
old mill 4.jpg
Old Mill.jpg
Perintown School - 1928.jpg
Perintown School 1928 - Names.jpg
Perintown School 1942.jpg
Perintown School 1942- Names .jpg
Perintown School 1947.jpg
Perintown School 1947 - Names.jpg
Reihle home in Perintown.jpg
Headline  :  Class of 1931
Headline  :  Union School Oct. 1900, Miss Bulow, Teacher
Schoolhouse picture.jpg
Shaffers in Williamsburg.jpg
Snider-West-Rosselot mill.jpg
Snyder Mill Owensville.JPG
Some men in Owensville.jpg
Stonelick Baptist church circa early1950's.jpg
Stonelick covered Bridge in late 60's.jpg
Store 2.jpg
Unknown cute children.jpg
Unknown family early 1900's.jpg
Unknown schoolhouse picture grayscale.jpg
Viewing station before horse barns around 1940's.jpg
Headline  :  Viewing station before horse barns around 1940's
Women from Overall Factory_B&W.jpg